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Are you ready for a new Century? It's going to be different this time around...


This is it. This is what we've become. Evolution has reached it's peak, and here we stand.

A world full of people, and yet I feel so alone. And dare do I think that anyone has the time to even think about me, or you...

And do you think the "Potus" cares?

Do these people really care about you and me?

Ask yourself, and look around you. Who really cares about anything?

The world keeps turning, and all the bullshit keeps piling up.

Are you sick of it? I can't stand this life anymore.

I know when I go to bed tonight, no one is going to be there.

So I leave you with this thought, there is another way.

It's the old way. It's not like the old-bad-way, it's about love for your brother and sister.

Not just your blood, but your fellow people. And your territory. Ask yourself, who really cares about all this?

I know it might be hard for some to swallow, but can't you tell where this is going?

It's going nowhere, and it's leaving you behind.

There is another place. And it's not here, it's out there though somewhere...